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 PROMO ticket prices Pontianak (PNK) to Ketapang (KTG)

View the cheapest ticket prices for flights from Pontianak to Ketapang and search for cheap tickets yourself. We compare all major airlines available for this route to ensure you will get the best price for your tickets. You can also send this page to friends to help them find cheap tickets.

Pontianak (PNK) to Ketapang (KTG)  Pontianak (PNK) to Ketapang (KTG)
 Or try Ketapang (KTG) to Pontianak (PNK)
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 Route map for this flight

This route map shows a direct route for flights between Pontianak ( Supadio airport) and Ketapang ( Rahadi Osman airport) on a map of Indonesia. For international routes you may have to drag the map or use the zoom functions to see both point of origin and destination.

This map only displays a direct route between starting point and destination point.
This route does not have to reflect the actual route your pilot will fly.

 Recently found ticket prices Pontianak to Ketapang

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Trigana Air
March 02, 2015
from €42 
Trigana Air
March 03, 2015
from €42 
Trigana Air
March 04, 2015
from €42 
Trigana Air
March 05, 2015
from €42 
Trigana Air
March 14, 2015
from €42 
Trigana Air
April 05, 2015
from €42 
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The distance between Pontianak and Ketapang is 195 kilometer as the crow flies.

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